Guided Journaling for people who don't journal

Spend a few minutes focusing on your life today (scroll down to see how it works)

This is all about YOU


5 questions daily and consistently over a period of time. Receive that data presented in a way that allows you to systematically analyse for yourself.


How to identify patterns, anomalies, likes, dislikes etc in the data that tell you more about yourself than you ever imagined.


Use this understanding to take positive action in your life, set and achieve goals and reach for the all important rested mind.


SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to reduce stress and anxiety, help with symptoms of depression, improve your emotional intelligence and overall mental wellbeing.

This is Evolutionary Healing

Journaling helps you to connect with your emotions and what you are feeling.

THIS GIVES YOU THE POWER to take positive, conscious action in your life.

We prescribe 5-10 mins per day for improved mental wellbeing.

Lacking Purpose?;Feeling guilty that you aren’t satisfied with what you have?;Feel like something’s missing?;Feel anger or shame over what your life doesn’t look like?;Find acknowledging and dealing with your emotions tricky?;Stressed?;Overwhelmed?;Wish you had more time?;Experiencing fomo?;Need a change, but no idea how that can work for you?;Take stock and move forward into more certainty.;Is something stopping you from moving forward and you want to move past it?;Work/life balance out of whack. ;Left behind by/in life?;Looking to get ahead?;Tired of banging your head against a brick wall and looking for more?

We are living in an increasingly disconnected society where we spend more time watching other people live their lives than focusing on our own.



Get rid of ALL distractions for a few minutes a day

Transform any confusion in to


to live a life that makes you happy and content.

Focus on YOU and what YOU can accomplish.

It’s easy to get started

And it's free. Two things everyone loves.

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