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A few years ago, myself and my husband (boyfriend back then) were struggling with creating what we felt was our 'perfect life'. You know, the idyllic Utopia where everything is perfect??

I was stressed out in a job I had major dislike for and he had massive creative blocks - namely business partner who had very different ideas about what made a successful product.

So we were both stressed and anxious on a regular basis and knew we wanted to do something about it but didn't know the best solution other than winning the lottery!

We started experimenting with different ideas. We tried lots of things and some had an impact, some didn't. If you want to know more about that then click here to sign up for my 5 day video series, 'Fire up your Future' but needless to say we did find some things that worked for us.

What we did next changed our lives forever.

It gave us clarity, focus and that all important rested mind. Accessing that Rested Mind state has become vital to our everyday well being and now we know how to get there, we want to share the Rested Mind magic with you.

There’s a whole bunch of research to back this up. You can read about that here, and here.

Whilst we’re big on research, we also know that journaling works, because we’ve experienced its amazing effects ourselves and here’s why:

What we noticed lacking was consciousness.

Consciousness is simply giving yourself permission to take notice of your needs and wants and to take action as a result of what you learn.

It’s giving yourself a few minutes to focus on you, celebrate the small wins and sigh out whatever bullsh*t the world threw at you today and everyday…

….and open your eyes to what you need to thrive.

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