The emotion helps you understand the thought

Have you been feeling a bit rubbish lately but you're not sure why?

Find the fear

How hard does life have to be before you decide to change it for the better?

Exploring Science

I've been exploring brain science... I've gone down a rabbit hole and goodness knows how far it will take me...

The value of disclosure

There is value in disclosure. In other words you stand to benefit in some way as a result of talking to someone about your deepest thoughts and emotions. According to the book 'Opening up by Writing it Down' here are some scientifically proven reasons why.....

The Art of Disclosure

In order to gain the most amount of value for your mental health from your journaling sessions there is a scientifically proven way of doing it. Here are some answers to some common questions according to the writers of “Opening up by Writing it Down”.

The Science behind Journaling

I'm gonna tell you right off the bat, I don’t have a 'sciency' mind but I do have an interest in why we do the things that we do in a 'how-do-we-fix-this kind' of a way. I had read a lot in the past about related subjects but, this time, I was on a mission to prove my theory that writing and journaling can, and does, have a positive effect on our health. I went full on research mode and this blog post is a summary of what I found.

What to do when you're feeling restless

A story about a change and how you can change the world around you to suit yourself.

Give yourself a spring clean

Spring is the time of new beginnings, clearing out the old, starting something new or even starting something again, taking a deep breath and going for it. It's also the perfect time to re-evaluate certain areas of our lives, think about where we need to have a clear out and bring in the new (but we can 'spring' clean the areas of our lives that need it, whenever it feels necessary)

Core Values

They are the things that make you, you, the things that drive you forward and create the foundations for your beliefs system, all your decisions and behaviours.

How to recognise your emotions

Were you unintentionally rude to the guy at the coffee shop this morning for spelling your name wrong, because you're still feeling anger or anxiety for something going on in your life? Can you figure out a way to channel the negative energy away before you bring down another person's vibe?

The Art of Forgiveness

What it's taken me years to learn is that holding onto these grudges and resentment can cause more harm than good. They hold us back from moving on with our lives, keep us stuck in the past, they can even manifest Illness and negative thoughts and events occurring.

Find your True North

Is there a voice nudging you to make a change, here's how to take note and act on it

3 Ways to find your Rested Mind

I want to help you see how important it is that you give yourself some time, however much you have to spare to rest your mind every day. Here are three ways to do so that you might like to give a try.

Why you need to make peace with where you have come from

Don't want to stay caught in the past? Feel like something's holding you back? Try journaling about it.

Find your rested mind

What are you doing to help rest your mind at the moment? What works for you probably varies from week to week and month to month as it does for me. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to share my current three faves with you. The key is to find what works for you wherever you are in you life and any given time and that's why you'll find it beneficial to tweak your rested mind toolkit from time to time.

How to shift your perspective from the negative to the positive

Today I wanted to talk about taking another look at something you have a negative view point on and shifting your perspective to see it in more of a positive light.

How to Fire up YOUR Future

This is not your average journaling app. This is 5 minute guided journaling for those who don't journal but know that something's gotta give. It's a little bit back to basics and a lot of down to you to come up with the answers.

Why You need to OWN IT!!

We spend so much time trying to keep up with the Jones' or upholding certain levels of professionalism or materialism or whatever, that we forget what it is that we wanted in the first place. Does that sound familiar? It definitely resonates with me.

The ONE thing you need to re-think today

I'm pulling out the big guns and reminding us both of something that we all to often forget and it's this: It's OK to ask for help.

Re-thinking thankless tasks

They are a fact of life for most of us and they can feel as if they're draining the life blood out of us. We can wind up thinking, this wasn't how life was supposed to be...was it?

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