3 Ways to find your Rested Mind

Posted Mon 30th Sep 19 - 2 mins read

I want to help you see how important it is that you give yourself some time, however much you have to spare to rest your mind every day.

I want to help you identify the methods that work for you and use them to your advantage.

I want to help you understand that we should all work on our health but that's not just your physical health it's also your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

No it's not airy-fairy or something that can be overlooked and shifted way down your to do list.

For you to give your time and love to others you first need to make sure you have enough to give and that means self care, i.e, looking after yourself.

Here are three ways to look after yourself and rest your mind that work for me:

1. Get outside

Yep, I go for a walk and get some fresh air. No devices (I make sure I'm looking where I'm going!) and taking in the scenery and it helps me clear my head and think straight.

2. Journaling - of course!

This has so many advantages to it from clearing your head with a good old brain dump to helping you get clarification by writing about what's going on in your life right now.

The best part is you can do it anywhere, it's pretty much free to do and anyone can do it.

That's right you guys out there who thought it's not for them, journaling is becoming more science backed these days and if science says it's a good thing, what's not to love right???

Journaling has helped me countless times and I know it can help you too!

In fact, it has helped me so much that I have created a Digital Guided Journal that you can currently access FOR FREE right here on the site - there's no time like the present to put it through its paces!

Don't forget to let us know how you find it

3. Exercise

Something I have been trying to get back into after having baby number two and I'm loving it!!

Give each of these ideas a go and then, why not, add in something of your own. Something that lets you switch of and gives you time (short or long) to yourself.

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