Core Values

Posted Tue 1st Oct 19 - 1 min read

What do I mean by core values?

I mean the things in your world you value over all else.

This could be family, freedom, time, success, adventure, security.

Take a moment to really think about what those core value are to you and write them down or create a voice note in your phone.

They are the things that make you, YOU

The things that drive you forward and create the foundations for your beliefs system, all your decisions and behaviours.

What are Y.O.U.R core values?

If you're not sure it could cause you some confusion and unrest in life which is really not what we're going for here!

We want:

If you need a prompt in the right direction with this, I have created a journaling prompt sheet that will help - you can find it here (sign in to your FREE FOML account to get access to the shop).

Here's where I got to the last time I used the prompt sheet to establish my own core values:





And I'm going to try to make it just two so I'm super concentrated on the main focuses in my life.

And it also makes it easier to remember!!

Coz, you know, lack of sleep (as the youngest is still learning to keep his duvet over him in the night) does not make a good memory!

Journaling just even more accessible!

Love a prompt sheet, but looking to develop a consistent journaling practice in just a few minutes a day? Then, why not take our brand new Guided Journaling platform for a spin?

You can access it right here on the site and it's currently FREE for limited time.

Test it out and let us know what you think:

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