Do you trust your gut?

Posted Tue 11th Aug 20 - 1 min read

Do you trust that feeling you get when you get an inkling something is coming or when something is out of kilter but you just can’t put your finger on what it is?

This is using your intuition. It's an important part of your being and it shouldn't be ignored.

If this is new to you then it can be quite scary leaning into this unknown part of yourself. Years of conditioning on what is 'normal' have led us away from trusting in a 'feeling' but it is ok to use this as part of a rounded tool kit.

Sometimes you need hard and fast evidence to back up a decision or action and sometimes, it’s the right thing to listen to your gut feelings and go with it.
Have you ever made a decision on a feeling you had or taken action (or not) based on something your gut was telling you?

This is a perfect journaling fodder. If you can think of an example try writing about it in your journal.

How did it make you feel using your intuition?
Did you tell people that’s what you did or keep it to yourself?
Did things turn out okay? Better than okay or not so much?
Would you do it again?

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