Find the fear

Posted Tue 7th Apr 20 - 2 mins read

How hard does life have to be before you decide to change it for the better?

Would you even recognise the fact your life isn't in alignment with who you are?

For years I put my anger, general unhappiness and constant need to keep up with the Jones's down to every day life 'needs'. The need to have a good job, the need to have a nice home, a nice car and everything that went with it.

I let the fear of going against the grain run my life without even knowing it!

I'm probably still doing it to a certain extent but the difference now is I'm more aware of it.

Back then, I based my core values - the building blocks of my personality on things I thought I needed.

Every time I acted on one of those values my inner consciousness would snag. It was uncomfortable but I carried on anyway.

I went from being completely unaware of it, to finally taking action and attempting to do something about it.

All of that probably took about 10 years. 10 years of a gradual awareness that the life I was living wasn’t right for me.

Eventually I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore, It was the fear of change that held me back for so long.

I was lucky. Me and my husband made changes together and it worked out.

All the research and reading I have done since then as part of this journey shows me that putting up with something that’s not right for you could lead from negative emotions such as:


🤍 anger

🤍hating your job or where you live

🤍feeling like you have no balance in life or that work is taking over

🤍constant negative feelings about everything to do with your life

to physical symptoms of stress such as:

🤍high blood pressure

🤍digestive problems

🤍sleep disorders

🤍anxiety and/or depression

So, i’d love to know, is there something in your life right now you would like to change or are you carrying on regardless out of fear?

I always wanted to have life figured out. I wanted the perfect career and the perfect home, the perfect body and everything that went with that. I've spent most of my adult life searching for the perfect life or what I thought was perfect.

The fear is definitely real....

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