Find your True North

Posted Mon 30th Sep 19 - 1 min read

You are an upstanding member of the community, you go to work, you pay your taxes, you do what you should do (most of the time!) you love and spend time with friends and family and take pride in your home and appearance (unless you have the lurgy of course!)


There's something inside of you that is telling you something's not right.

It may be quietly nudging at you every now and then or it might be constantly ringing in your ears.

At any point since you noticed this have you made time to figure out exactly what that thing is and tried to resolve it or have you carried on regardless because you can't let your loved ones down or you don't want to start from scratch or there's not enough money in the savings account to pay for it.

If you did, great! What did you figure out? Have you made any changes to your life?

If you didn't, why not? That nudging will only get progressively worse over time.

If you want to get started now, FOML journaling can help

Go out there and find your True North, seek out what makes you YOU and what makes you happy and content in life then do more of it!

If you have to make changes to achieve this then, so be it you may only feel the pain for a short period before the reward kicks in and the reward will be felt across to everyone you know as they feel a new vibe in you, so this is not a selfish act!

Need help in finding your True North?

We've got you covered!

We have now launched our Digital Guided Journal and you can access it right here on the site.

It's currently FREE to use, so it's the perfect time to dive a little deeper, and ask yourself the questions that will help you on your journey towards figuring your self out

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