How are YOU feeling?

Posted Wed 13th May 20 - 1 min read

Can you recognise an emotion when it hits?

Would you know what to call it or how to respond to it in a healthy way?

There are so many different emotions out there, each one more complex and different from the next.

Many clever people over the years have attempted to label them and have claimed to have a definitive list of core emotions - the main emotions that when mixed together make all the others.

But do we, those with fewer letters after our names know how to recognise what we're feeling?

Having the ability to do this gives you the power to create positive action in your life.

If you struggle to recognise emotion start with learning to recognise you're not your usual self and go from there. Journaling is a great way to do this.

To help you along the way why not check out our Journaling toolkits?

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