How to shift your perspective from the negative to the positive

Posted Mon 30th Sep 19 - 1 min read

It could change the way you feel about it and ultimately could have an impact on how you feel in general - eg from down in the dumps or upset to feeling more upbeat.

It is sort of another version of positive mental attitude (PMA)

The way you think and feel about something will affect you, so thinking positively about it could help you to feel generally more positive.

Give it a try, have a go at re thinking that viewpoint and see how it affects you.

Our perspective is all about how we see the world based on what we already know and if our perspective is negative then it's likely our thoughts and feelings will be negative as well.

I encourage you to give this a go and adapt your thoughts and feelings to see the good in whatever might be getting you down today.

It might help, I really hope it does because we all deserve to feel good and move forward in life with positivity.

I find that journaling is really effective in helping me to shift my perspective when I'm in a 'funk'. In fact, I find it so valuable that I have created a new Guided Journaling platform right here on the site. It's currently FREE to sign up and use for a limited time.

If that' not a great reason to give it a test drive, I don't know what is!

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