Is COVID-19 Worth Journaling About?

Posted Mon 18th May 20 - 2 mins read

I was thinking about it this morning. I don’t really want to remember much about this period of my life, only the good bits that have come out of it but it’s still worth journaling about, not for the memories but for the therapeutic results.

We are currently in week 8 of lockdown.

That’s 8 weeks, 56 days of only leaving the house to go food shopping.

8 weeks of no school and trying to keep two young children entertained and in some cases trying to answer some difficult questions about the 'silly bug'

8 weeks of working shifts with my husband, wondering when it’s all going to end, doing our best to protect friends and family.

8 weeks of feeling different emotions from one day to the next. Frustration, sadness, helplessness, fear, claustrophobia, grief for the loss of a loved one or the person you have had to become.

You may not know or even thought about it but this is trauma and you might need extra help to get through it.

You might notice in addition to mood swings you feel lethargic and tired all the time. You may have headaches or lack of concentration and focus. You may have had changes in appetite, feel you can’t sleep or have nightmares.

You may have emotion and chaos in your head that needs to come out in order for you to help yourself come to terms with what’s happened.

There are lots of high conscious coping mechanisms out there such as exercise, talking it over, trying to stick to a routine without being too hard on yourself, asking for help where you may need it.

Research has proven that if you aren’t able to talk these things through with an expert or friend or family member then writing it down is a good way to get the chaos in your head out.

If you write things down you may find out there’s more going on than you think and this is the start of learning how you can help yourself feel better.

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