Journaling About Black Lives Matter

Posted Thu 25th Jun 20 - 2 mins read

Im most definitely feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, feeling sad about so much devision and a lack of cohesion along with what has felt like a very shouty social media space.

Im much more of an introvert and so whilst i appreciate that everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion it's not my bag, so I've been quietly reading and researching and expanding my knowledge in the subject from every angle.

In the attempt to organise my thoughts and expel the chaos in my head i turned to journaling, my favourite rested mind tool.

I have asked myself so many questions over the last few weeks, some of which I have included below as journaling prompts for you.

🌹Am I racist?
🌹Am I anti racist?
🌹How do I behave around people of different colour to myself?
🌹Do I use derogatory language when I talk about or when I'm with people of colour?
🌹How do I feel about the Black Lives Matter Movement?
🌹How do I think I would feel if I was a person of colour living in todays world?
🌹Could I explain to someone why my life matters?
🌹Can I explain why the BLM movement is so important right now?
🌹What kind of world do i want to live in and how can i contribute towards this?
🌹What emotions have come up for me as a result of the recent events and why?

Im not sure why these most current circumstances have caused me to question the way I behave around people to the extent I have.

However, I do know that no journaling session is ever a wasted session and there is no end to the amount of personal development you can make as you journey through life.
And so, as with my post asking if it’s worth journaling about COVID-19 i’ll say the same about the current Black Lives Matter movement. It’s definitely worth journaling about.

Have you done any journaling recently?

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