Journaling to master your emotions

Posted Wed 13th May 20 - 2 mins read

❔How do we become emotionally intelligent and why is it important?
❔How important are emotions?
❔What are they for?

Do you ever wonder about any of the above? I’ve spent years pondering over this and its only recently started to come together for me through reading lots of books and articles and this is my take on it.

There are a lot of different emotions. The core emotions i mentioned a couple of weeks ago that are made from mixing them all together, like mixing paint. Mix Blue and Red and you get purple. You get the idea...

Emotions can be difficult to cope with, especially the big ones like grief, sadness, frustration, anger, love. Sometimes it's easier to numb it out to stop the feelings that come with it.

Feelings come from the emotion that’s created when we experience things in life.

Feelings create thoughts that allow us to react and respond to those experiences.

Emotions are literally energy in motion and you will feel different emotions in different parts of your body.

This why things like meditation and energy/sound therapy such as Reiki, acupuncture, binaural beats and singing bowls etc can help because they force you to think about your physical body and how it is. How often do we do that these days?

It's important to listen to our emotions. They are a huge fog horn of a signalling system. They’re designed to get your attention by their very nature they are signposts and they want you to see them.

Numbing will only make things worse because you're essentially piling more negative energy into something that's already negative, eg shame, embarrassment etc and that can lead to destructive behaviour.

In terms of your world and the scale of vibration you sit in emotions are an incredibly important part of that. If you’re not able to recognise when you’re feeling frustrated and do something about it such as talk to someone about it or journal on it that could turn to anger and that could become an uncontrollable explosive outburst you could have prevented.

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