The Art of Forgiveness

Posted Tue 1st Oct 19 - 2 mins read

  • This is a really hard subject to tackle for lots of reasons but for the purpose of achieving a rested mind and having less stress in our lives I'm going to keep it simple.

    The word implies we have someone we need to forgive for something and that can be a hard thing to do even for something fairly minor.

I don't know about you but I can hold on to grudges for ages, years even!

"They did this"; or

"he didn't do what they should have done"; or

"she did this on purpose" 

All these little things we hold against a person (or even ourselves) add up over the years and before you know it, you have a lifetime's worth of grudges in the memory banks.

What it's taken me years to learn is that holding onto these grudges and resentment can cause more harm than good.

They hold us back from moving on with our lives, keep us stuck in the past, they can even manifest Illness and negative thoughts and events occurring.

Have a think today, is there anything you are holding a grudge about that you could do with letting go of?

If you feel inclined to go further, write a list, you may be surprised how many things you can think of that need your forgiveness!

I'm not suggesting that you then go to each of these people and tell them you forgive them, I'm saying, maybe just have a think, picture them in your mind and tell them you forgive them.

Then see how you feel and maybe even journal about it. It may take more than one attempt, keep at it, it'll be worth it!

When you wrote your list, did you include yourself anywhere?

It's just as important to be able to forgive ourselves as it is to forgive others.

Is there anything in the memory banks you have been holding against yourself? Is it time to let go?

Give it a try and help yourself let go of past anger, frustration and anxiety and rest your mind.

I have created a journaling prompt sheet based on the idea of forgiveness and how we release ourselves from upset and the stress it causes by mentally forgiving those who have caused it.

This is a great exercise for everyone and using the list that you started with, you can expand on the root causes behind some of the emotion attached.

And hopefully achieve a rested mind and some peace that allows you to focus on the great things in life!

Ready to dive deeper and create a consistent journaling habit?

Journaling is a safe way to begin the process of forgiveness, and we have now launched our journaling platform right here on the site. It's currently free to use, guided and designed to be completed in around 5 minutes.

Sign up to test drive our FREE online guided platform:

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