This one is for the men...

Posted Wed 29th Jul 20 - 2 mins read

So from the email we sent last week you learned that the women in your life work on a 28 day cycle. They have their ups and downs, different phases and moods and go through what they need to process in a different way to you.

Talk about men are from Mars and women are from Venus right!?!

You, however go through all of that in a 24 hour period. This means you will mostly feel the exact same way at the same time of day, every day.

This also means you are the most suited to live the way we have been conditioned to in our modern world. The 9-5, the training every day, the daily grind, the ;just do it!’. It all comes naturally to you and some of you will even thrive on this way of life.

Now you know this does it help explain a few things about the differences between men and women?
It certainly did for me and i can’t help but wonder why i didn’t put two and two together sooner, it seems glaringly obvious now i know!

But now you know, now we know we can use this information to help us work together. We can approach our relationships in new and exciting ways, provide respite when needed because we know why it's needed and generally become more of a united front. We can work together not against each other.

After all we are better off together. It shouldn’t be about the different sexes it should be about us, we and unity.
This is a perfect opportunity to journal about your daily / monthly cycle for both men and women.
How do you feel at different times of your cycle? When do you find it easier to exercise or study for example? Are there certain times when you really can’t face going to work??Are there times when you just want to stay at home and withdraw from social engagements?
Let us know how you get on!!

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