This one is for the ladies...

Posted Wed 29th Jul 20 - 2 mins read

Did you even know there were different phases to your cycle?

Do you feel yourself becoming particularly frustrated, angry or ‘meh' the week or so before your period is about to start? Did you think that was just ’the way things are’ and vowed to work harder and longer to rid yourself of those feelings?

Im currently reading ‘In the Flo’ by Alisa Vitti and to say it's been eye opening is a massive understatement. The main point of the book is that women need to live in the flow of our cycles and the most surprising thing about it is that i'm not all surprised, in fact It seems a little too obvious.
If you are interested in learning more i would strongly suggest you go and find her and learn more but the point of my post is this:

If you want to be more in tune with your body and the way it works so that in turn you may learn to live contentedly in your own skin instead of fighting with it all the time then journaling can help with that, even if you no longer have a cycle, or never had one in the first place.

Notice every day how you’re feeling and where your head and body are at. Over time you may notice patterns you can then work with or plan around to ensure you don’t bite everyone’s head off or accidentally say the wrong thing or know that this is the time to avoid sugar or caffeine because you can’t sleep at night.

This is the whole point of my journaling website, journaling consistently offers you the opportunity to analyse your data for real, actionable results that you can make for an improved life.
You are a wonderful, individual, one of a kind human being. We are biology wrapped up in a tidy skin suit package and unfortunately there isn’t always a one size fits all solution. Although i'm learning that the most complicated situations are usually really the simplest situations in disguise.

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