What to do when you're feeling restless

Posted Tue 1st Oct 19 - 2 mins read

A story about a chair.

(stick with me I'm going somewhere with this)

There once was a chair in a hotel lobby.

It was a fairly busy hotel lobby and because of that me and my hubby (or boyfriend back then) couldn't find two chairs together.

There were quite a few chairs dotted around on their own, so he sat on the chair and I sat on his leg while we waited for two chairs next to each other to become free.

After being fairly uncomfortable for a few minutes I thought to myself:

"The chairs don't look that heavy, I bet I could move one over here".

Immediately fear kicked in and my ego replied with:

"But what if you can't, you'll just look stupid in front of all these people."


"I bet these chairs are positioned this way for a reason and they won't want them moved."


"No one else has a problem with the configuration of the chairs."

The hubby got up to go buy us some drinks and, when he was gone, I thought:

"You know what? fuck this, I'm going to move that fucking chair over here."

And I did.

And from that seemingly tiny moment in time, that inconsequential thing that happened in the hotel lobby that afternoon there was a massive shift in my mindset.

I learned the following:

  1. Nobody cares about you moving a chair in a hotel lobby.
  2. I could change my surroundings and my situation to suit myself.
  3. I didn't need to ask permission.
  4. I could have just asked a hotel employee to move the f'ing chair!

The purpose of me telling you this story is so that you can ask yourself this:

What could you change about your current situation or surroundings to suit you better?

I know that change can sometimes feel like a double edged sword - we can long for it, dream of it, even wish for it but when it comes around we can hide away and pretend it's not happening.

That's because, as much as we may want it, we know there will be some kind of work involved.

It involves us moving out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.

And that can be scary.

But ultimately we weren't made to stand still, we were made to constantly evolve. Forcing ourselves to stand still will, in the long run, result in lack of fulfilment and regret.

I designed FOML journaling to enable you to notice the trends and make the change even if, to begin with, you don't know what it is that needs to change. Feeling restless could be your mind and body telling you that it's time to pivot and journaling can help you to show yourself the way.

We have now launched our journaling platform right here on the site. It's currently free to use, guided and designed to be completed in around 5 minutes.

Sign up to test drive our FREE online guided platform:

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