Why You need to OWN IT!!

Posted Mon 30th Sep 19 - 2 mins read

Hi there, how's it going?

Last week, I invested in myself and spent time reviewing and planning for the next 6 months and I'm super excited to say that I now have my plan set.

But, this plan isn't going to be easy to carry out and I'm going to need all my tools to be brave enough to go through with it.

And this got me thinking.

We spend so much time trying to keep up with the Jones' or upholding certain levels of professionalism or materialism or whatever, that we forget what it is that we wanted in the first place.

Does that sound familiar? It definitely resonates with me.

We spend so much time living the lie we start to believe the lie:

"I want that"
"I have that"
"I earn that"
"I am that"

When I was trying to complete my goals for the next 6 months, I started again a couple of times because I wasn't thinking big enough.

Then when I was thinking big, my ego kicked in and started telling me I wasn't worthy of achieving such things or that I wasn't visible enough or popular enough etc etc. I'm sure you know the drill.

This is one of the reasons that I went back to the start and reminded myself what it was I wanted, instead of going with what I thought people wanted of me or what I think I am currently capable of.

Truth is, if I want to achieve everything on my new list I'm going to have to metaphorically expand in many ways and it's f'ing scary.

You know what tho? I'm going to own every part of it, push through my comfort zones anyway and climb even closer to my long term goals because I believe what I'm doing will be of service to someone out there.

This is why I love journaling so much and why I believe that it's something that you can benefit from too.

It allows you to get rid of the lies and tell yourself the truth.

If you can't be honest with your friends or family, then be honest with yourself in the privacy of your own space in your own time.

Write/type it all down and make the time to read back through it all. You won't believe the breakthroughs you could have just doing this one simple thing and if starting with a blank page and just writing from the heart feels uncomfortable to begin with, grab some of my journaling prompt sheets to get you going!

Because I believe that you can benefit from journaling too, I have created a FREE (for a limited time) Guided Journaling website for people who don't journal. Sign up here:

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