Understanding yourself and why you should stick with it

Posted Tue 17th Sep 19 - 2 mins read

You've done your homework and your 'science experiments', taken the time and established what you want from your future and the path you want to take.

You’ve considered what’s working and what needs removing, you’ve picked up those breadcrumbs and connected the dots of information in your mind and in your data analysis.

That’s fantastic! Hopefully, as a result, you’re feeling much calmer, more organised, more confident and happier? Are you able to sleep or relax at night with a rested mind? Amazing, this is truly something that deserves to be celebrated.

But here’s the kicker: unless you are regularly checking in with yourself, you have no idea if you are still heading in the right direction or if you have veered off course without even realising.

Mental health and wellbeing, just like every aspect of your physical health needs regular maintenance. So stick with it, there are always more breadcrumbs to collect and dots to connect. As we get older things change, circumstances, family, loves, likes and dislikes all change.

Distractions occur, minds are changed, emotional and mental blocks are created, things out of our control take place and get in our way unexpectedly.

Without pausing to reflect you could find that you never realise the subtle ways our subconscious/ego keeps us small.

No one will keep you accountable other than yourself and FOML journaling will help you to keep yourself in check. It will keep asking you the questions that guide you to dig deeper and get to know yourself better than ever before. Sign up here to discover how.

Goal setting

Now you have the answers what do you do with them?

This is the best part.

Now you know what you want you need to take action steps to achieve it.

If you want to dive deeper, grab our journal prompts which will guide you towards setting goals and breaking them down into manageable achievable items.

If you want to ramp up your goal setting game, then also check out our 'Design for Life' Course which will help you to gain a better understanding of yourself and what you want from life.

We believe that creating a vision of your goals is a really effective way of achieving them. Learn how to make a physical or virtual vision board here.

Or, if you prefer to go your own way, simply start writing a To Do list of the things you want to do - remember to check in on this list regularly. If you are creating a To Do list, make sure you break down each item into action steps or, at least, achievable steps to ensure you don’t become disheartened over an unrealistic To Do list.

... and just.keep.going, you’ve got this!!!!
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