Journaling 101 - Getting started and making the most out of your journaling

You may want to learn a little more about journaling before you answer your FOML questions or, perhaps, you've been a FOML user for a while and want to understand more about the process that you have come to love. So, we've created this page to help you dive is deep as feels comfortable for you.

How do I know FOML Journaling will work for me?

You don’t. But you’re here because you’re looking for a solution and it might work for you - that makes it worth investigating. This kind of process requires you to be your own scientist. Try things and if they don’t work, move onto something else. Keep track of what makes you feel better and what doesn’t but remember, this isn’t an over night cure, it will take time and tweaks to find the right answer(s) for you.

How could Journaling benefit me?
  • It’s bad for our health to keep secrets - it’s hard work and can cause stress and disclosure in any form you choose (talking, writing etc) can neutralise the problems caused by secrets.
  • Divulging your secrets and innermost thoughts and feelings can be healthy. It forces a rethinking of events. By confronting our secret thoughts, we can understand them better. Disclosure reduces the effects of stress.
  • It has been found that we would rather talk than listen in a conversation causing us to believe that we find communicating our thoughts an enjoyable experience - journaling is communicating our thoughts.
  • It can even be liberating - even when the cost is high (e.g. with police) the confession of painful secrets can reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Holding on to secrets can affect our ability to think, produce short term biological changes and influence long term health.
  • Journaling can help you to understand yourself better. Expressing ourselves helps us to identify our emotional reactions to events by making more sense of the event itself and, hence, understand ourselves better.
  • Writing is often most useful when an individual doesn’t have any other opportunities to disclose
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